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TV Voice Pro Technology

An individual’s hearing loss is like a fingerprint. The degree of hearing loss, as well as the configuration or shape of hearing loss at different frequencies is substantially different for every person. TV Voice Pro helps you hear the television clearly by utilising information from hearing loss data. This is achieved through combining wireless headset RF technology with speech clarification technology.

The TV Voice Pro wireless headphone technology has been designed to help those with various levels of hearing loss.

The unique audio clarification settings have been developed following the assessment of over 1000 hearing test results. During this study each patient described difficulty hearing television dialogue or speech clearly, when speaking with our hearing specialists.

Three unique TV Audio and Speech Clarity Settings.

The TV Voice Pro audio technology has been mastered to clarify TV speech and dialogue for the three most common configurations of hearing loss. The setting is simply selected by hitting the Speech Clarity button.

Setting 1 is preferential for those with mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss

Setting 2 is preferential for those with hearing loss across bass, mid and high frequencies

Setting 3 is preferential for those with hearing loss across mid and high frequencies.

Choosing your optimal audio setting is simple and takes just a few seconds. Simply select the clearest audio setting that suits your hearing best.

The clearest audio and sound, in one lightweight TV headset.

The TV Voice Pro technology produces the best audio clarity, simply by reducing the negative impact of sound effects and music. If you suffer from hearing loss, you may have noticed that music and sound effects can interfere with hearing television dialogue.

The TV Voice Pro system automatically reduces the impact of these sounds, whilst simultaneously increasing the focus on speech frequencies to enhance the clarity of voices and conversation on TV.

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