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Do you have Trouble Hearing Speech in Noise with your Hearing Aids?

Our audiologist has fitted thousands of successful hearing aid wearers and our guide includes effective tips which can be applied to any hearing aid to vastly improve the clarity of speech in noise.

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Answers to these questions SOLVED!


When I’m in a noisy setting, I can hear speech and noise from a distance, but I can’t hear those in front of me! How do I fix this? SOLVED


I find in general that I cannot hear the speech above the noise! Why is this? SOLVED


Why is my own voice echoing with the Hearing Aids In? SOLVED


Why does everything sound tinny, and how can I fix this? SOLVED


Why don’t my hearing aids work on the phone? SOLVED


Why can’t I hear children’s voice clearly? SOLVED


How often should a hearing aid be serviced? SOLVED


How often should I have a hearing test? SOLVED


How do I know if my hearing aids should be reprogrammed? SOLVED


Why is my hearing aid whistling? SOLVED

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