Designed by Hearing Specialists

TV Voice Pro wireless system was developed by hearing specialists based on clinical hearing test results.

Hearing Specialist Founded

The development of the wireless TV Voice Pro headset is based on extensive client centered audiology experience and clinical hearing test results. This information was analysed to enable the development of the best TV headphone sound quality for those with hearing loss.


Developed by two prominent hearing specialists and audio engineers, the TV Voice Pro audio was specifically created following extensive review of over 1000 hearing test results. These tests are also known as audiograms.

To understand these hearing test results further, please see Our Research page, which illustrates three types of hearing test results.

Interview with Hearing Specialist Don Hudson


Hearing Specialist Don Hudson has been interviewed by James Langridge and discusses the development of the TV Voice Pro system, and how it assists those with hearing loss to hear TV clearly.

Don Hudson and colleagues submit regular updates on audiology and hearing aid technology and devices for those with hearing loss.

This information and additional resources for those with hearing loss can be found via our Latest News page.

Our mission

Hearing loss affects over 320 million adults worldwide. Despite this dramatic figure, hearing loss is still a commonly misunderstood area. Combining an understanding of hearing loss, the needs of those with hearing loss, with the latest in technological advancements and audio engineering, is key to providing premium solutions to restore normal lives and communication.

The development of high quality custom designed hearing loss solutions is at the forefront of what we do. With support from a highly respected Australian team of audiologists, client centered customer support and technical staff, we strive to deliver exceptional hearing loss products and services.

Hearing loss affects over 320 million adults worldwide.

Our values

  Audiology and Hearing Loss

We pride ourselves on building deeper knowledge and understanding about hearing loss. This is achieved through developing further scientific research and understanding within the hearing field, as well as evaluating direct feedback from our customers on individual hearing needs.

We believe that each listening environment is different and tailoring our products to work for both hearing loss and the listening environment is a key factor in the audio quality and clarity our products provide to our customers.

  Forefront Technology.

We utilise state of the art technology within all of our products. Through the use of quality audio components and adhering to strict compliance testing, we guarantee brilliantly engineered technology within the TV Voice Pro system to all customers.

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