Utilising our premium speech clarification audio based on over 1000 audiograms, we are now able to offer our voice enhancing technology in earphones which weigh just 14 grams!

  • Premium Comfort. Possibly the lightest pair of earphones you have ever worn.
  • Bluetooth technology without the hassle- No pairing required! Our system is pre-set-up and ready to go.
  • Connect to any TV worldwide in under 2 minutes. The TV Voice Pro Air system connects to any TV in under 2 minutes.
  • Listen at your own volume without altering the TV audio for others in the room
  • Utilises state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology for uninterrupted listening up to 10 metres from your TV.
  • Simple volume control located on the earphones, with additional loud volume range to suit those with even severe hearing loss.
  • Sit back, lie down or move around. So comfortable to use, many of our customers report even lying in bed to watch TV.
  • Is guaranteed to work with any TV, new or old.

Additional Features with the TV Voice Pro Air system

 TV Voice Pro Volume Regulating Technology

Have you noticed that the television advertisements are often much louder than the television program? The TV ads are often louder because each program and advertisement is individually mastered for volume prior to being provided to the television network for airing. TV Voice Pro’s Volume Regulating Technology ensures the volume of all TV audio is redefined to one level. All television audio, including different programs, channels, and advertisements will be at the same listening volume.

 Reducing the Impact of Negative Sound Effects and Music

The TV Voice Pro technology produces the best audio clarity, by reducing the negative impact of sound effects and music. If you suffer from hearing loss, you may have noticed that TV music and sound effects can interfere with hearing television dialogue. The TV Voice Pro system automatically reduces the impact of these sounds, whilst simultaneously increasing the focus on speech frequencies to enhance the clarity of voices and conversation on TV.

 Recharging system with up to 6 hours of continuous TV use

TV Voice Pro Air earphones are equipped with a premium lithium-ion battery and come complete with their charger. The earphones are fully charged in 2hrs and provide up to 6 hours of uninterrupted TV listening. The transmitter connects in under 2 minutes to any TV, new or old! To read more about connecting to your TV, please go to our How to Connect Page.

 3 Comfort Ear-tip Options

The earphones come with 3 unique ear tips the user can select from to fit any size ear canal comfortably. Simply choose the size that fits your ears best.

What our clients say

Real reviews from real customers.

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“I’ve had industrial hearing loss for many years, which has affected my hearing. This headset allows me to hear very clearly. Set up was easy.”





“After using this product I have just bought another one for my brother who also wears hearing aids but has difficulty hearing the TV. He is now enjoying TV Voice Pro also.”




We make buying TV Voice Pro risk free

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30 day money back

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Free delivery

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1 Year Warranty

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