Give yourself TV listening options: TV Voice Pro Soundbar and Wireless Earphones Bundle.

The TV Voice Pro Soundbar can be bundled with one of the wireless TV Voice Pro earphone options (TV Voice Pro Air, or TV Voice Pro Original) giving you a variety of options to listen to TV in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Soundbar and Wireless Earphones Bundle Benefits.

  1. Adding a pair of wireless earphones to your TV Voice Pro Soundbar means you can choose to listen to TV without disturbing others if you should wish. Using either the TV Voice Pro Air earphones, or the TV Voice Pro Original headset will allow you to completely mute or reduce the volume on the soundbar for others in the room if you would like to do so, while you can independently listen to the TV with premium clarity. Simply adjust the volume on the earphones/ headset to suit your hearing requirements.
  2. Alternatively, you can have one person listening to TV via the Soundbar and the other using the wireless earphones at their own personalised volume level on the same TV!
  3. Maybe you have a few TVs in the home and would like the benefits of TV Voice Pro clarity on each of them? Easy! Use the TV Voice Pro Soundbar for the main TV area where you listen to TV, and use the TV Voice Pro wireless earphones for the bedroom or alternative TV room.

Use of the TV Voice Pro wireless earphones always gives you the option of reducing or muting the TV sound for others in the room.

The Ultimate TV Clarity Solution:
Wireless TV Earphones and Soundbar Combined

With TV Voice Pro technology, both can be used together on the one TV to give you listening options, OR use the Soundbar in your main TV family zone, and the wireless TV earphones on a different TV altogether.

TV Voice Pro Air plus TV Voice Pro Soundbar

TV Voice Pro Air


TV Voice Pro Soundbar

TV Voice Pro Original plus TV Voice Pro Soundbar

TV Voice Pro Original


TV Voice Pro Soundbar